Sharon Smith, COO

Sharon has been an employee of WORK Inc for over 26 years and has over 30 years’ experience in the non-profit sector developing and implementing service models that promote the employment and support of individuals with disabilities. Ms. Smith earlier in her career has held various management positions at WORK Inc. and was the Executive Director of another Social Service Agency. Today, Ms. Smith is the Chief Operating Officer of WORK Inc. and under her direction, the organization has implemented an aggressive plan to increase community-based employment outcomes for individuals working in its center based employment. WORK Inc. launched a major strategic plan in 2010 to close its center-based employment programs by expanding its individual supported employment and Ability One programs, piloting a new high school program model based on a best practice, and developing new initiatives to enhance an individual’s social and professional capital and lastly, to pursue social enterprises as engines for job creation.  Ms. Smith received a Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration from Boston University.