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About WORK Inc.

Nationally recognized as an innovator in developing community based programs for individuals with disabilities, WORK Inc. is New England’s leading agency providing the skills and supportive services needed to help people with disabilities achieve their career goals.   For over 50 years WORK Inc. has been at the forefront of vocational services providing meaningful work, and often, the first paychecks, for the individuals we are privilege to serve.

WORK Inc. is the largest employer of people with disabilities in the region. The agency has a myriad of programs — Commercial Services, Day-Habilitation, Deaf Services, Family Support, Employment and Residential Services — which all converge toward one goal: “To make the lives of individuals with disabilities better.”

Today, WORK Inc. serves over 1000 individuals with all types of disabilities.  We are proud to be New England’s leader of the Federal Ability One contracts, which has 150 individuals with disabilities working in our Federal buildings.   Through the program WORK Inc. provides complete facilities management for many Federal buildings such as the Tip O'Neill Building, Moakley Courthouse, the John F. Kennedy Library, a national landmark, and many others.

We operate 19 twenty-four hour residential sites serving 60 individuals and assists another 100 individuals with its supported living programs.  With a current budget of 40 million dollars, WORK Inc.’s dedicated staff and managers continue its mission to provide vocational training and placement services enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities and encouraging more independence.

WORK, Inc. is positioned for the future and looks forward to continuing its role as a leader and guiding force in the field,  ensuring those with disabilities to are able to pursue their goals, hopes and dreams.


For the last 30 years, WORK Inc. has received the highest level of CARF accreditation (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), the premier international accrediting body for rehabilitation organizations.   Since its inception in 1966, CARF has benefited from national organizations joining together in support of the goals of accreditation.   CARF believes in the following core values:

  • All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • All people should have access to needed services that achieve optimal outcomes
  • All people should be empowered to exercise informed choice

Through responsiveness to a dynamic and diverse environment, CARF serves as a catalyst for improving the quality of life of the persons served by CARF-accredited organizations and the programs and services they provide.  For more information about CARF you may contact their website at

When the provider you choose is CARF accredited, you are assured the highest services possible.  You can be confident knowing that the agency meets the rigorous guidelines established by nationally recognized member organizations and reviewed annually.   Furthermore the organization has made a commitment to continually enhance the quality of its services and programs, focusing on consumer satisfaction.

If you are considering using the services of WORK Inc. you may wish to ask for the following so that you can make an informed decision:

  • A copy of our non-profit status
  • Our most recent CARF accreditation report
  • Annual outcomes report and satisfaction surveys
  • Information about our hiring practices and the qualifications of our staff
  • Fee information
  • A tour of our facilities
  • Information about our governance board
  • A description of programs and services

WORK Inc. has also received a 2 year license from the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services and meets all applicable Massachusetts building and fire codes.