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Deaf Outreach, Consultation & Support

Work Inc. provides consultation services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing participants who are eligible to receive services from the Department of Developmental Services, which  include students transitioning to adult services.  Our team of  professionals will assist families, schools, providers and the community in assessing the needs of the individual served.  We use the process of discovery to navigate through the needs of the individuals.   During this process we learn about the individual  in  their current residences, day programs, employment locations, and other community locations.  We will conduct a service needs assessment of the individual to make meaningful recommendations to enhance their lives.

Consulting Service Offerings 

Upon the assessment completion, we will provide recommendations and connections to resources based around the following areas:

Communication– A communication profile to include current communication modes and the potential for enhancements.

Technology– Identifying the current use of technology and recommending any additional technology, for example video phones and mobile devices.

Environment– Assessing the need for any environmental modifications. Recommendations may include flashing fire alarms, or signaling doorbell as well as space layout to enhance visual communication.

Clinical– Identifying current clinical supports which may include therapist, psychiatrist, behaviorist and personal care attendants.

Education & Training– To provide or make connections to classes on topics such as Deaf culture, American Sign Language, interpreter use, technology and communication access.

To learn more about our services email Matt Sweet .