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Family Support

Our center is designed specifically to connect families and individuals with a wide range of services and community based events and activities. To do this, we help navigate the complex Social Security entitlement system as well as other benefits screening to eventually promote the achievement of substantial employment.

About The Family Support Center           

The WORK Inc. Family Support Center is a Community Resource Center based at our headquarters in Dorchester, MA that offers individuals with developmental disabilities and their families support and education to help them live more independent and fulfilling lives.  Our mission is to do whatever it takes to assist families to stay together and to support parents, caregivers and people with disabilities with self-determination and individualized choices.  

The WORK Inc. Family Support Center is dedicated to offering services tailored to the needs of families consistent with their spiritual and cultural values.  The FSC offers multiple forum for families to get together and share common experiences, build relationships and a supportive environment to take a break and socialize.  The Center hosts dinners, recreational activities, sibling groups and advocacy activities based solely upon the needs and interest of families.  

Our  monthly Activity calendar will list all of the fun things we offer, including; Movie Nights, Outdoor Sports and Activities, Bowling, Holiday dinners and celebrations, Karaoke and much much more.........   

What does Family Support Center have to offer?

At the WORK Inc. Family Support Center we can help you with the following services:

  • Food, Heating and Transportation

  • Housing Assistance

  • Budgeting & Financial Coaching

  • Parenting Groups

  • Family Advocacy & Networking

  • Family, Caregiver and Sibling Support Groups

  • Community & Recreational Activities

  • Service Navigation

  • Trainings & Workshop

  • Social Security/ Health Care Benefits

  • And more…….……..

Who is eligible?

To receive most Family Support Services the person you care for or your family member must be determined eligible by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). If you need help with the eligibility process please contact us.

 Get Involved

Our Family Support Center thrives on community involvement and could not function without the help and involvement of families, individuals, community partners, and volunteers!  There are so many ways to get involved at a variety of different levels from the Family Advisory Council through suggesting an event in your area or an idea for a training or workshop.