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Pathways Program 


A person-centered, zero exclusion employment program for persons with disabilities. 

Pathways to Careers is an innovative customized employment program design that was developed by Martin Geary at SourceAmerica in 2010, and operationalized in 2012 with grant funding to PARC in Davis County, Utah, and expanded in 2015 to Boston (WORK Inc.), Detroit (Jewish Vocational Services, JVS) and Oakton, VA ServiceSource).  This program design has a zero exclusion policy, meaning any person with a developmental disability is invited to participate regardless of the nature or extent of their disability.  Pathways is designed to match validated (through observations and interviews) skills and interests, and create matches with businesses who have unmet needs that match the candidates skills. 

Businesses can then host the candidate in an internship to see if the fit is right.  If the business is unable to hire the individual after the internship, Pathways will find similar suitable employment for the candidate.

The program consists of four elements:

1.   Discovery – An extensive look at each program participant’s interests, contributions, and conditions for success.

2.   Paid Internships – As we identify each participant’s skills and interests, we pair them with one of our employer partners who have signed Partnership Agreement and have unmet workforce needs that match that individual’s talents and interests.  Each paid internship lasts an average of eight to twelve weeks. 

3.  Customized job placement - If the internship host employer is not able to convert the internship into permanent employment, we will help the participant find a suitable position with another company.

4.  Post Placement supports - Our Internship Facilitator will be on site to help with training and the transition to structured natural supports.

We have selected our third group of program participants and will be accepting applications for our fourth in the summer of 2018.  We will be randomly selecting twelve applicants for the next group, eight for services and four alternates.  For more information, contact Steve Aalto 617-691-1702 saalto@workinc.org

Mathematica Center for Studying Disability Policy is collecting extensive date from all sites in an effort to validate implementation metrics and outcomes.

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